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GW25 Predictions

Been a while since we've done these (stupid holidays!).  Here's what I have for this week.

BTW, I plan on running some historical analysis on my model over the past year and a half to see its accuracy.  I am pretty confident the model does a good job in determining team quality, but I am not at all confident it does a good job at predicting scores.  Given my gambling record this year I have my doubts!

QPR 1.63 - NOR 0.91
ARS 1.95 - STO 0.75
EVE 2.62 - AVL 0.70
NEW 1.57 - CHE 1.46
RDG 1.46 - SUN 1.03
WHM 1.56 - SWA 1.14
WIG 1.72 - SOT 1.04
FUL 1.55 - MUN 1.68
WBA 1.28 - TOT 1.30
MCI 2.22 - LIV 0.71

I don't at all trust the QPR-NOR prediction.  I feel QPR will go for it but that will leave them exposed at the back.  I also don't see how Fulham keeps close with United...they will either play conservatively and not score or try and score and give up 3.  Finally, I don't see Liverpool being that overmatched at City.